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About Us

University Children’s Hospital is a representative pediatric health center in Serbia and wider. For more then 85 years so far, we have been dedicated in providing top quality care for children.

The hospital includes: Pediatric center, Pediatric surgery center, Diagnostic center, Laboratory center, Clinical pharmacy, as well as Administrative center. We are also proud to present the Center for treating adults with congenital heart defects, which started working in 2008. We are specialized in all fields of diagnostics and conservative treating, surgery and anesthesiology, rehabilitation, psychology.

The present hospital facilities include 292 beds. According to 2010. data, 78.7% of all employees are medical stuff, including 125 medical doctors.

Over 14.500 children per year are being treated at the University Children’s Hospital on an inpatient basis. Approximately 9.300 surgeries (100 laparoscopic) are performed each year, five transplantation surgeries, 260 heart catheterizations, as well as 51.000 radiological procedures. Over 164.000 exams and 415.000 interventions per year are done on an outpatient basis.

Our hospital is the leading institution of Belgrade University of Medicine for pediatric medicine in general, representing educational, scientific and research center. In our medical team there are 40 University lecturers, including 14 Professors of University of Belgrade.

We hope to keep improving our skills, as well as providing modern medical services in order to preserve our children’s health.