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9Kindergarten “Vracar” has 15 groups assigned to different hospital departments.
The goal of teacher work is to:
– Stimulate children’s activities in accordance with the childrens’ needs and health status.
– Provide better adaptation of children to the hospital and disease conditions and thus prevent psychological consequences of hospitalization.
– Create conditions for maintaining physical and mental development of children, especially during long hospitalization.
– Providing emotionally warm atmosphere in the hospital, taking care and supporting kids.
– Devising individual and group activities for children in the sick room, dining room, playroom, on the terrace and in the hospital courtyard.
– Organize festivals, celebrations and exhibitions.
– Work with parents who stay at the department through individual interviews, involving parents in working with children.
– Consult every day with the staff about the patients’ health and their capabilities in order to provide psychological care.
– Cooperate with humanitarian and professional organizations and get involved in activities related to sick children.
– Implement preschool program that is mandatory and can be carried out in hospital.