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For Patients and Families


Preparing for your child’s hospital stay

When your child is admitted, we will ask you about your child’s health history, including past illnesses, surgeries and allergic reactions to medications and food. Department staff will provide you with all informations about what to prepare and bring for a hospital stay.


Communicating with your child about a hospital stay

Age determines how and when you tell your child about an upcoming hospital stay. Be honest! Answer all your child’s questions clearly and simply with age-appropriate information.

Staying in touch with your child

It is extremely helpful to most children if a parent or relative who is older than 18 stays at his or her bedside. We will make it as convenient as possible for you to stay at the hospital by your child. That would not be possibe only at the Intensive Care Units.

Your child’s physician

Talk to your child’s doctor and make plans for your stay. An adequate parents’ attitude is necessary for children. There are no inappropriate questions concerning yor child’s health.


Age-adequate teaching classes are organized, including regularly primary school program, kindergarten, as well as additional activities.


Hospital parking is reserved for employes only. Use city parking facilities (Hospital is surrounded by parking zone 3).

* For all additional information, Hospital staff is at your service.